Making Democracy Work

President's Message

On June 10th, at the Annual Meeting, besides hearing a fascinating talk by Brooke Binkowski of, new officers were elected to the Board. I welcome Elizabeth Brady, Voter Service, Lorraine Wood, Second Vice President Program, Nancy Hand, Women's Issues. They are all great additions to our stellar Board. I was elected President. I am honored to serve our wonderful organization and will do my best.

We all must give profuse thanks to Martha Cox and Roni Seay for their dedicated service during the past year. It will be a challenge to meet the high goals they have set. Both of them were very generous with their time, energy, and creativity, and our League is better for having both of them step up and take over.

Some people have commented that it is a demanding time to become president of a political organization. That is true. But, our non-partisan philosophy, our refusal to ever support or oppose candidates or political parties, is our great strength. We have gained many new members in the last six months. They often tell us that they want to be active, effective and work on the issues. They do not want to be buried in bi-partisan fighting. They have found the right place!

I am especially delighted to have such a capable and dynamic Board. We are planning some very interesting meetings on a wide variety of topics in the coming year. I hope you will attend. You will be stimulated, learn new things, and have another opportunity to meet up with your fellow League members.

Anne Omsted