Making Democracy Work

President's Message

As we move into May, our League focus is upon the June 5th Primary election.

Voter Service Chair Elizabeth Brady is organizing quite a few events. Voter registration is being done by some members, but the call for that service is waning as more and more organizations also take up the voter registration baton. With new DMV automatic registration laws taking effect, the pool of the unregistered is shrinking, which is good news indeed. Our special task is to help voters become informed. We are beginning training to deliver the Pros and Cons on the ballot issues on the Primary ballot and, of course, this will lead to the November ballot issues. All of you know that only the legislature can put ballot measures on the Primary ballot, so we have 5 issues to consider in June. But November is when Initiatives come before the voters, and this November we have an array of issues to vote upon. Our trained Pros and Cons presenters will be invaluable to help voters think through the ballot measure proposals.

We are also going to do the Mail Ballot Drop-Off Program (MBDO) with the Registrar of Voters at three local libraries for the June Primary. Over 30 members have signed up and are being qualified by the County of San Diego to be temporary County employees so that we can monitor official ballot boxes at Carlsbad Dove, Encinitas, and Oceanside Downtown libraries. People will be able to deliver their Mail Ballots to these sites the week before the June 5th election at any time the libraries are open and put them into the ballot boxes.

The public can also educate themselves about those who are running for various levels of public office at our candidate forums. We have already moderated four major forums just for the 49th Congressional district seat currently held by Representative Darrell Issa! Each forum takes a team of League members + a minimum of six. If you want to pitch in for either the Primary in June or the General Election in November, give Elizabeth Brady a call.

Anne Omsted