Making Democracy Work

President's Message

An initiative petition which will begin circulating soon asks California voters to amend Proposition 13 so that commercial properties are assessed according to market value. This is described by many as "The most important financial decision that California voters will make in decades." The outcome of this initiative will, if it passes, mean a huge increase in local property tax revenues, which means more money for schools, local roads, and a multitude of local services, from health care to fire and police protection.

Please come to our General Meeting on Wednesday, March 7th at 10am, to learn all about this very important issue. It has the potential to seriously alter our communities. It will be held at the Leucadia Wastewater District. See more details on the home page.

I want to give special thanks to Mary Thompson and Martha Cox for offering their famous Civil Engagement Facilitation Training on February 3rd, to Cathy Greene, Bill Loftus, and the LWV San Diego members who put on our Homelessness Study Consensus meeting on February 10th, and to Mary Crowley, Lorraine Wood, and Nancy Telford, who presented and recorded our Program Planning meeting on February 17th. All of these League members worked diligently to give our League members great information. All three meetings were great examples of why the League of Women Voters is such a wonderful organization. The information was factual, discussion was vigorous, but always courteous, and consensus was achieved. I am sure all who attended any of the meetings would agree.

If you haven't signed up with Elizabeth Brady for some form of Voter Service, please get on that right away. We are receiving requests for forums now, the June Primary is June 5th, and time is moving quickly! We need to know where you want to help. I heard a phrase recently that sums it all up. "It takes a team to make a dream" (Thanks, Lorraine!) Our dream is to educate voters.

Anne Omsted