Making Democracy Work

President's Message

This past year of League activity has been a whirlwind for me. I am enjoying meeting so many of our League members and look forward to meeting more of you during the next year. Our Board is exemplary-- dedicated, hardworking, and smart. It is a pleasure to work with them.

The League of Women Voters is changing in order to stay relevant in our emerging culture. The need to be smart about social media is crucial, but most of us are not enthusiastic users. In order to draw new and younger members, we have to adapt. The Board is trying to embrace this new approach and we are fortunate to have some members who are savvy about social media and willing to share their expertise.

A major concern at all levels of League has been our need to focus on Making Democracy Work and at the same time deal with pressing local problems. There are many things we could be doing if we had infinite resources, but, of course, we don't. So, we try to focus on a few of the most pressing needs.

Next year our League will be spending a lot of time and energy on seeking ways to deal with the many problems with homelessness. We must continue to observe as many local government entities as possible to ensure transparency in government. (We need more Observers!) We also must join with local, state, and national Leagues to lobby legislators on important issues, and always be aware of what is going right or wrong locally.

We will, naturally, continue to provide Voter Services to our local communities through forums, Pros and Cons presentations of the ballot measures, Mail Ballot Drop Off, and the occasional Voter Registration drive.

Special thanks to all our members who worked on Voter Service. Amazing Voter Service Director Elizabeth Brady reported that our Mail Ballot Drop Off partnership with the Registrar of Voters in three local libraries netted 10,000 returned ballots for the Primary election on June 5. Twenty-eight League members participated in this effort. Thank You!

I invite you to participate, help out, get involved, and enjoy our services. The saying "it takes a team to make a dream" is good, but in League, it's more "it takes lots of teams to work on lots of dreams.

Anne Omsted