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The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. It is a political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
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The Road Map to Home Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

This presentation, from our Health Care group, will give you a taste of the issues to consider when making decisions about this inevitable life occurance. This is a topic the group has been studying for over a year.

Learn what really happens, and what you can do when the crisis of suddenly needing to find a nursing home, or what to do when the nursing home says your aged aunt is being discharged in two days.

They will talk about financing, and what can be done to resolve problems. They will talk about the residents' rights -- patients do not give up their rights when they enter a nursing home.

There will be handouts for you to take home, so you'll have this information when you need it.

We guarantee you will come away from this talk with new, crucial information.

There is limited parking, so please carpool if possible. You will find the Leucadia Wastewater District's offices near Gelson's at the corner of El Camino Real and La Costa Avenue. Drive into the shopping center from either El Camino Real or La Costa Avenue.

Get more information in the VOTER or call the League phone if you have any questions.

Restoring Respect Conference starts this Tuesday

Our local League is a co-sponsor of this event. This issue is becoming more important daily and this conference will help you learn how to add it to your activism.

Restoring Respect Flyer

Download the flyer here

We Marched! What's Next?

From our LWVUS President:

On January 21st, millions of women and men gathered--in the streets of Washington, in cities and towns across the United States, and in countries around the world--to demand their voices be heard. 

The Women's March was a powerful, inspiring event--but even before the crowds had begun to disperse, the crucial question was asked: What next?

Because even the largest, most inspiring demonstration becomes an empty gesture if it is not followed by the day-to-day commitment and work required to accomplish real change.   

That's why we put together a list of CRITICAL actions you can take right now!

We built incredible momentum on that Saturday--now it's up to us to keep it going. Please, find out What's Next, right now.   


Chris Carson, LWVUS President

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