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The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. It is a political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

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Tuesday November 8 2016

Last Day to Register to Vote for the November 8th Election is October 24, 2016. You may register online here
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Respected as an honest broker of unbiased voter information for nearly a century, the League of Women Voters is here to help with the following resources:

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Ballot recommendations from the League

Local Measures

The Leagues of San Diego County recommend a No Vote on Measure B

Watch this video for more news coverage of Measure B


Can this be true?

Rigging the Election? Experts say No!

Confirm the facts about political ads at FactCheck and Flackcheck!


C-SPAN Election material here

The Presidential Debates And Why Isn't League Moderating Them?

An Historical Perspective from Moyers and Co.

Why Can't We All Be Civil?

Become a citizen reviving civility, through the National Institute for Civil Discourse. Take the civility pledge

Make civility local through the Institute for Civil Civic Engagement at USD

Service to our Community

LWVNCSD donated E is for Election Day, by Gloria Gavris, that appears at the top of this inspiring display. It's right up front in the Children's section of the main Oceanside Public Library, in Civic Center. Standing beside the book shelf is Erin Nakasone, Librarian I, Youth Services. 

Below right - On donation day, League members Suzanne Carneiro and Kathy Christy presented the book to Marie Town, Principal Librarian, Youth Services

Another Election Season Resource

book cover with photo of the White House at night

In continuing service to voters across the country, the League of Women Voters has teamed up with the Newspaper in Education Institute to produce Electing the President, a handy guide designed with teachers and students in mind. We encourage you to make this your "go-to" resource until Election Day.

Download the guide here.

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