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WEBINAR: Water Equity, Affordability & Climate Change in California

Published on 10/1/2022
WEBINAR: Water Equity, Affordability & Climate Change in California

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Water is a human right. Yet, California's water affordability crisis is growing rapidly as water rate increases outpace inflation. By September 2021, nearly 650,000 residences and 46,000 businesses owed over $315 million in unpaid water and wastewater bills. Disadvantaged communities have been hardest hit by the affordability crisis, with hundreds of thousands of residents experiencing water shut offs.

Changes in climate are expected to further drive up costs and impact water affordability, but that outcome isn't inevitable. Improved water efficiency, better planning and more equitable rate structures are key steps to ensure water in California is more affordable for everyone.

Guest Speakers
Heather Cooley, Director of Research at the Pacific Institute conducts and oversees research on water issues, including sustainable water use and management, safe and affordable drinking water, corporate water stewardship, and climate-resilient water systems.

Laura Feinstein, Sustainability and Resilience Policy Director at SF Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Organization (SPUR), leads SPUR's work on climate mitigation, adaptation, and environmental justice.

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League of Women Voters San Diego
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